Our Values

Customer priority, Open and transparent, Active and conscientious


Our Mission

Promote the digitization of global real estate and realize human imagination of space


Our Investors

Microsoft Ventures, Unity Ventures, K2VC, Ameba Capital


Our Qualifications

Membership of both Corenet Global, BOMA

About The Company

DFocus is a Microsoft Venture Accelerator technology company. As selected Corporate member of Global Corenet and BOMA, DFocus pioneers workspace utilization and smart connected space solutions global wide. There are more than 70 Global 500 companies adopt our IoT solutions.

DFocus helps organizations maximize the utilization of all space resources and assets within an integrated IoT smart platform where information can be visualized and measured. The solutions enable executives and managers to manage Real Estate portfolio and smart buildings with data informed decisions, reduced costs and increasing business productivity.

“No measurement, no improvement”, meaning that better informed portfolio and workplace decisions will come from a more inclusive process that combines technology and knowledge into a holistic data set.

DFocus solution is designed to improve the people experience at work. When paired with IoT, cloud computer solution that collect and analyze data, organizations unlock meaningful insights about space utilization, wellbeing, productivity, how people work, and how places can help.




DFocus Events


To help you better understand and use DFocus products, you can submit your application here. After the application is successful, our service staff will arrange an appointment service for you.

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