Asset management

Digitalized and visualized management and control of enterprise real estate asset management

Help enterprise to take stock of all real estate assets, and prevent omission or loss of assets

Visualized electronic map for all-round presentation of distribution of assets, to understand the distribution of assets in real time

Through informatization construction, realize integrated management of business and finance, and dynamic whole lifecycle monishing of real estate asset

Finance management

Help enterprise to refine management and control of cash flow, and thoroughly understand the structure of various property-related income and expenditure

With emphasis on cost control, conduct in-depth and standardized management of various items of business involving funds and finance in enterprise assets.

Realize comprehensive and efficient integration of business finance, so as to achieve optimal allocation of enterprise assets and improve the financial management ability of enterprise

Refined management to predict the situation of financial revenue and expenditure, so as to provide support for top management of owners to make key and major operating decisions

Budget management

Establish online budgeting process, to help enterprise to implement and fulfill of strategic goals

Link up all dimensions of enterprise real estate asset management, including assets, personnel cost, and renting and leasing expenditures

Cover all business departments and processes including planning, marketing, operation and finance, to realize full lifecycle management of assets

Ensure unified allocation and full utilization of assets, and give play to scale effect, which is conducive to improving asset operation efficiency and increasing income from asset operation

From budgeting, auditing, issuing to implementing supervision, establish a system for the control of targets and management of rights and responsibilities, to reinforce the ability to execute management

Property management

Help owners with transparent management of the situation of property operation management by property service providers

Seamless connection of property management function to the FM Yun facility project management system, for real-time monitoring of various operating indexes of operation management by property service providers

Quantify KPI Index, help owners to establish a property service evaluation system, to realize controllable, manageable and visualized property management

Renting control & management

Help enterprise to make fast decisions to handle idle property, so as to maximize the operational effectiveness of real estate

Help customer department or front-end personnel of leasing business to achieve online management of business opportunities, and realize internal sharing and external release of renting resources

Based on the visualized 3D modeling of building space, build a comprehensive, visual and real-time asset space renting control & management cockpit for asset owners

Help with intelligent matching between asset owners, managers and users, to satisfy the needs of rental supply and demand of each side

Improve rental conversion efficiency and shorten conversion cycle substantially, to increase return on assets for owners

Contract management

Centralized online management of contract, and automatic warning to lower operational risk

Information management and control of leasing contract, property service contract, etc., and automatic generation of bills with customized push notification according to contract terms

Help owners to reinforce contract management, improve asset operational efficiency, and drive the new growth of stock asset value with data intelligently

Empower enterprise asset owners, focus on real estate asset, and improve the commercial market value of asset

Engineering project management

Help enterprise to optimize and grasp the management process and execution progress of engineering project

Enterprise can optimize the management process of its engineering project according to industry and enterprise management requirements

Whole-process management of engineering project, including various stages such as the planning, approval, initiation, execution, control and end of project

Conduct all-round management each stage in multiple dimensions such as quality, investment, contract, drawings and documents.

Merchant management

Comprehensive coverage of the whole process of real estate asset lease management, vertical expansion of the data source of merchant conversion funnel

Help owners with asset management, and build a bridge between owners and tenants from planning to attract investment, management of business opportunities, contract management, entry management to exit management

Provide customers with convenient, efficient and diversified services, and keep creating asset management value for enterprises while continuing to satisfy customer needs

Supplier management

Centralized and efficient management of supplier information, and optimization of supplier management through business information such as transaction records

With standardized purchasing process and advanced management ideas, examine the strength of suppliers from multiple aspects such as supplier’s basic information and financial information

Through classification of suppliers and business analysis, promote negotiation with key suppliers, and realize diversification and maximization of the benefits of cooperation with suppliers

Optimization of supplier management through comprehensive management of supplier information such as supply capacity, transaction record and performance

Enterprise apartment management

Help enterprises with management and control of various kinds of space such as internal housing for talent and apartments, and support the establishment of intelligent administrative services

Procedural and information management of application for enterprise apartments, lease renewal and exit, to achieve unified management of staff living space and various costs and expenditures

Help enterprises with differentiated management of residential space in conformity with its management system

Realize commercial operation and management of surplus living space as hotel-style apartments, and achieve maintenance and appreciation of the value of real estate assets with fine-tuning


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