Project management

Collective overall management of multi-level projects, to improve operational efficiency

Conduct comprehensive allocation for the operational base of property project, to meet the needs of differentiated operation with various industry demands, diverse forms of business operation and different owner management styles

Help business managers to define powers and responsibilities in multiple dimensions

Service center

Global management of demands, to reduce the difficulty of management

As the center of property project, help project management personnel to grasp the overall situation and refine the allocation of workflow as needed

Real-time monitoring, timely assignment of tasks and active response, to improve service quality and degree of satisfaction

For each line and each level of personnel of property project to achieve even more scientific, convenient, rapid and accurate management

Work order management

Work order intellectualization and closed-loop management of whole process

Link up the entire property project with work order, from all links including failure report, record, order assignment, processing, management and control, evaluation and return visit

Effectively solve drawbacks such as missing order and delay, to improve the efficiency of property service personnel and effectively improve response speed and the effect of work order

Meanwhile, make sure the circulation process of various types of work order is clear and transparent; ensure the implementation rate and implementation level of property project; and guarantee to respond to and satisfy the demands of owners and leaseholders

Patrol management

Digitalized management and control of patrol process, to eliminate omissions in patrol

Management and control of processes including night patrol planning, punching clock, supervision and handling of abnormality and data check based on big data, IoT and geo-location system

Help employees to define their patrol scope and responsibilities, to ensure that tasks are carried out in strict accordance with plan and standard, and eliminate management loopholes such as omissions in patrol and unmanned posts

Help asset managers to confirm various operational data of project, remove hidden troubles, prevent the occurrence of risk events, and improve the operation quality and service life of assets

Equipment asset management

Centralized and scientific management of all equipment, to extend equipment cycle

Conduct multi-dimensional and all-phase maintenance, management and control according to domestic and international advanced management systems, to realize full lifecycle, streamlined, normalized and standardized management of equipment

Establish equipment ledger library, realize terminal code scanning operation, and improve personal operational efficiency

Monitor life and health index of equipment in real time, reduce equipment failure rate, extend equipment life cycle, and maximize the utilizations of equipment & facility asset

Preventive maintenance

Prediction in advance and fast response, to ensure good operation of building equipment

Preset maintenance cycle according to the business operation form of asset, and automatic generate plans and district work orders

Conduct preventive management and control of facility & equipment, building space, etc. in property project, to prevent emergencies

Help clients to improve management level and event handling efficiency, enhance building safety and comfort level, and guarantee the good operation of relevant business within budding

Inventory management

Suitable for invoicing of property project, to make inventory clear and in good order

Conduct comprehensive management of processes such as receiving & shipping of various equipment and materials in project operation, and extend the corresponding function of invoicing according to needs

Realize supervision of material inventory by statistical means, standardize inventory management, and ensure that the amount of inventory is appropriate

Meanwhile, offer management of allocation between inventory, and support personalized functions such as physical stocktaking and cycle counting

Inspection undertaking

Provide comprehensive and professional indicators, to help property clarify various points of inspection for project delivery

Standardize process management of inspection undertaking during project delivery, to clarify various dimensions

Help relevant unit to conduct comprehensive inspection of various functions and inspection points, to fully safeguard the lawful rights and interests of owners and property service enterprises, so as to lay a good foundation for carrying out the management service work f property project later


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